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Over the years, volatility has become a well-known characteristic of the Indian stock markets. However, this has led to creation of various myths that scare you away from trading in the stock markets. The unfortunate part is that some of… Continue Reading →

Investing is all about Common Sense

Share markets are either the most favored or the most hated entity, depending on their status. A rising market is characterized by the build up of a herd mentality. If the index goes up continuously for 15 days, there is… Continue Reading →

Everyone is using F&O, why don’t you?

‘The fear of the unknown has always triggered excitement in many a men’ – Anonymous What is it that excites men the most? What gives them the rush? A long drive at full speed, adrenalin filled sports, an all-in gamble?… Continue Reading →

Gold – Can’t stay away from it for long

Many contend that gold has lost its shine. After making life-time highs of sub $1900 per oz., it is now trading almost 30% lower at nearly $1330 per oz. A question then that often crops up in the financial world… Continue Reading →

Are you a First Time Equity Investor?

Equity market (commonly known as share market) is a place of “possibilities”. However, like in cricket, the game of glorious uncertainties and possibilities, you can still have a decent innings by following these important points and knowing the rules of… Continue Reading →

Volatile Time Ahead – Ride it And Do Not Get Swayed

January saw some cautious trading, particularly from the FII’s, who decided to hedge some of their positions by selling into index futures as well as some selling in cash, which was more pronounced towards the end-Jan. Tech results were greeted with a… Continue Reading →

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