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Who says, Mutual Funds are not performing!

You might have heard the old adage that one cannot compare apples with oranges. However, one can compare apples with apples. The same principle applies everywhere even while we invest. Some of the investment products such as Equity Mutual Fund… Continue Reading →

It’s all about Fixed Maturity Plans

Attractive yields and conducive interest rate scenario make FMPs a hot pick for investors. FMPs are targeting to fill up the vacant investment space created by the rise in interest rates. What are FMPs? Fixed Maturity Plans (FMPs) are close… Continue Reading →

How to Build Mutual Fund Portfolio

To build your mutual fund portfolio, you need to follow these simple steps. However, we always advise you to take the help of websites such as ours for performing complete financial planning and building your portfolio. Identifying financial goals The… Continue Reading →

Risk Profile Based Mutual Funds

No investment is risk free, whether its in bank fix deposit, insurance, stock market, gold or mutual funds. Though mutual funds offers diversification and multiple options for investment, there are few or more risks associated with this investment. Profile Based… Continue Reading →

Mutual Funds Dividend Decoded

Most investors are aware of the three options available in mutual funds (MF), which are dividend payout, re-Investment, and growth. The use of these options varies with each investor. However, investors are not aware of dividend functionality, calculation, and tax… Continue Reading →

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