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What is a Stock Market?

“Stock Market”, the word calls to mind a cloth or a vegetable market, a place where buyers and sellers meet in person and decide to exchange goods or commodities physically. There are also markets for services, typically a chowk or… Continue Reading →

Investor Education: Step by Step Guide to Naive Investors

Lots of investors wish to participate in equity markets but do not know where to start from. Some have partial knowledge about the markets and there are others who are completely ignorant. There are others who take great pride in… Continue Reading →

What’s your Investment Strategy?

How open are we to take risks? A simple experiment would suffice to yield revealing answers. If we were to ask same-sex twins the same question — “If they had to decide between a sure win of Rs 30, a… Continue Reading →

Equity Markets and types of Risk

We are often told that equity investments are subject to risk. What is this risk? It means earning less than what you expected from a given investment or losing part of what you invested. When it comes to investments we… Continue Reading →

Investing is all about Common Sense

Share markets are either the most favored or the most hated entity, depending on their status. A rising market is characterized by the build up of a herd mentality. If the index goes up continuously for 15 days, there is… Continue Reading →

Why do we need Financial Planning?

“Subse Bada Rupaiah”… The saying could not be truer when it comes to the management of Personal finances. There is no getting away from having to manage it properly, irrespective of what one does professionally.  Income inflows during our working… Continue Reading →

Arjun’s Focus & Occam’s Razor Could Lead to SuperNormal Portfolios

In the ancient Indian epic story, the Mahabharata, once Drona poses a challenge to his royal students. He hangs a wooden fish on a tree above a water body and asks his students to look at the reflection in the… Continue Reading →


This article will help you understand “Inflation” and “How to beat it” 1. What is inflation? Inflation is defined as a sustained increase in the general level of prices for goods and services. It is measured as an annual percentage increases… Continue Reading →


1. Living beyond your means: You must make a closer analysis of all the things that you are spending your money on and whether you can do without them, e.g: spending on cable TV, cigarettes, entertainment, mobile phones, hotel bills,… Continue Reading →

Personal Finance

Personal finance refers to the methods, techniques, and ideas used by individuals to plan their finances frugally in order to reap lucrative returns in the future while generating a supposedly, more-than-sufficient savings to lead a peaceful retired life. However, one… Continue Reading →

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