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What’s your Investment Strategy?

How open are we to take risks? A simple experiment would suffice to yield revealing answers. If we were to ask same-sex twins the same question — “If they had to decide between a sure win of Rs 30, a… Continue Reading →

Equity Markets and types of Risk

We are often told that equity investments are subject to risk. What is this risk? It means earning less than what you expected from a given investment or losing part of what you invested. When it comes to investments we… Continue Reading →

Investing is all about Common Sense

Share markets are either the most favored or the most hated entity, depending on their status. A rising market is characterized by the build up of a herd mentality. If the index goes up continuously for 15 days, there is… Continue Reading →

Why do we need Financial Planning?

“Subse Bada Rupaiah”… The saying could not be truer when it comes to the management of Personal finances. There is no getting away from having to manage it properly, irrespective of what one does professionally.  Income inflows during our working… Continue Reading →

Oil Forever

Investopedia defines Crude Oil as naturally occurring unrefined petroleum product composed of hydrocarbon deposits, in shades of black and yellow with a ranging viscosity, many times referred to as “Black Gold”. I will sincerely admit that out of the long… Continue Reading →

Who says, Mutual Funds are not performing!

You might have heard the old adage that one cannot compare apples with oranges. However, one can compare apples with apples. The same principle applies everywhere even while we invest. Some of the investment products such as Equity Mutual Fund… Continue Reading →

Everyone is using F&O, why don’t you?

‘The fear of the unknown has always triggered excitement in many a men’ – Anonymous What is it that excites men the most? What gives them the rush? A long drive at full speed, adrenalin filled sports, an all-in gamble?… Continue Reading →

Gold – Can’t stay away from it for long

Many contend that gold has lost its shine. After making life-time highs of sub $1900 per oz., it is now trading almost 30% lower at nearly $1330 per oz. A question then that often crops up in the financial world… Continue Reading →

It’s all about Fixed Maturity Plans

Attractive yields and conducive interest rate scenario make FMPs a hot pick for investors. FMPs are targeting to fill up the vacant investment space created by the rise in interest rates. What are FMPs? Fixed Maturity Plans (FMPs) are close… Continue Reading →

Are you a First Time Equity Investor?

Equity market (commonly known as share market) is a place of “possibilities”. However, like in cricket, the game of glorious uncertainties and possibilities, you can still have a decent innings by following these important points and knowing the rules of… Continue Reading →

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