Hope you’ve started financial planning for securing your retired life. If not, the best time to start planning is NOW.

Generally, all that anyone would strive for after retirement is for a regular flow of income and a tension-free life.Therefore, you need to look for investing in a fund savings option that wouldn’t be too heavy on your pocket and will deliver more than expected, especially after retirement.

Is there an option for investors that costs little but delivers more?

Yes, it is the National Pension Scheme (NPS). An easily accessible, low cost, tax-efficient, flexible, and portable retirement savings account, NPS allows subscribers to contribute regularly into a pension account during their working life. Moreover, the subscribers can, on retirement, withdraw a portion of the corpus in a lumpsum. Further,they can use the remaining corpus to buy an annuity, which will help them secure a regular income flow after retirement. Therefore, it is a perfect solution for leading a peaceful retired life.

What does NPS bring to investors?

Investors can begin with a minimum annual contribution of Rs. 1000. Investors get an additional benefit of Rs. 50,000 u/s 80CCD(1B) PFRDA is the regulator for NPS, which adds to the strengths of NPS as an investment instrument NPS Trust has transparent investment norms The trust regularly monitors and reviews performance of fund managers Market-linked returns help beat inflation, in case an investor opts for equity. Since the returns from NPS are cost-adjusted, it creates long-term benefits Investors have the flexibility to choose between Active Choice or Auto Choice as investment options. Early contributions bring in the benefit of compounding, which also helps in maximizing returns.

How can an investor start a NPS account?

NPS is distributed through authorized entities called Points of Presence (POPs). One will have to open a NPS account with a POP to invest in NPS. The POP will provide the subscriber with all the help with regards to account opening.

ACMIIL is proud to introduce the National Pension System (NPS); as part of its product offerings. Moreover, you can enroll for NPS online as an individual subscriber with Aadhar using ACMIIL’s  www.investmentz.com platform. All you need to do is write us at [email protected]