Celebrated in each and every part of India by one and all, Holi is one of the most awaited and celebrated festivals. Also popularly known as the festival of love, it’s a festival that unites the entire nation making people forget their sorrows and ill feelings. People sprinkle different colours over everyone around. Be it family or friends, kith or kin, when it’s Holi, it’s time to wear the colours of love.

One thing that you would have noticed about Holi is that it brings immense positivity in our life through the vibrant colours. It makes you joyous and enthusiastic about life. When we see the Holika Dahan on this day, which destroys the bad and preserves the good, we all feel reassured and revitalized.

This Holi, let’s use the festive spirit of colours to inspire us plan our investments for our better and secure future. Let’s work hard to ensure that we utilize the energy and enthusiasm to review our investment plans and see what we can do to better our portfolio. This is the best time for us to look at our investments with a fresh perspective and burn bad habits such as lack of financial planning, no investments in the Holika Dahan, and adopt the good habits such as making a strong financial plan and working towards creating a good investment portfolio.

Just the way different colours bring happiness and variety into our life, let’s get inspired to ensure that different investment avenues bring maximum benefits to our investment portfolio. Holi teaches us the significance of diversification. Just imagine if we celebrated Holi with the same colour, would it have given us the same happiness? Just like the beauty of the festival of colours lies in the variety, the success of your investment portfolio lies in having a well-diversified allocation strategy.

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