At a recent Round table event held at The Quorum in Mumbai, senior financial services executives shared their insights on how to stay involved in unpredictable markets.

Our eminent panelists, who joined the discourse and contributed significant views, included Mrs. Deena Mehta- Managing Director (Asit C. Mehta Investment Interrmediates Ltd.)

The discussion included key components of money management in today’s global environment, basic investment and personal finance principles, and the enhanced role that women may play in managing money for themselves and their families.

The conversation produced a treasure of timeless wisdom from important financial executives, fuelled by insights gained from years of market experience.

What did Market Veteran Mrs. Deena Mehta advise?

  • Mrs. Deena Mehta highlighted research indicating that regular portfolio evaluations can result in up to a 50% increase in wealth.
  • She brought up an intriguing point about how much effort individuals go to keep tangible possessions safe, even paying for bank lockers to preserve their gold or other physical assets.
  • However, when it comes to financial holdings, there are numerous incidents of people failing to assign nominees or even keep the paperwork in good order.
  • The advice from Mrs. Deena Mehta was the highlight of the discussion, “This is a market. You’ve come to buy!” Markets will experience volatility, but there will always be something worthwhile to bet on in the future.
  • She used the powerful example of Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati, both of whom were women, to push women to take care of their finances as well as the economics of their families.
  • She emphasized how the new generation should consider renting rather than buying. The objective is to put more money into the markets to fuel growth.



So, whether you’re wondering if your portfolio will survive or if now is the perfect moment to purchase or sell, here’s a video where the experts say what you should consider while investing in the market to stay for the long term.