This is a theatrical series that comprises interactive edutainment sessions on the most pertinent topic in the contemporary world – ‘Investment’. ‘Investorpreneur’ is a portmanteau representing a lucrative combination of an investor and an entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur attempts to maximise business prospects and profitability to the fullest. Likewise, every investor looks to compound his/her investments over a given period of time. However, a successful ‘investorpreneur’ combines the winning qualities of an entrepreneur and an investor in his/her quest for maximising returns in the most optimum manner.

The series is divided into chapters and episodes. Each chapter would portray a theme, which will form the base for the episodes covering that chapter. These episodes would comprise interactive sessions between the main protagonist – the successful investorpreneur and other characters, which would feed of the knowledge of the main protagonist. Written in simple and conversational English with a sprinkle of Hindi wherever necessary,the Investorpreneur series aims to ‘edutain’ you – a highly demanding investor, on the increasing importance of financial planning and investment. The sessions will help you understand various vital concepts pertaining to investment.


Episode1: Happy Dussehra with Bunty, Babli, and Chintu

This chapter is about Lokesh Walia (Bunty), Sweenie Walia (Babli), and Naksh Walia (Chintu). Bunty works as an Operations Manager at IBM, Babli is a homemaker, and Chintu is their naughty young son in 6 th grade. Its Dussehra time, Bunty is gearing up for a well-deserved holiday. The episode commences with Babli consulting Bunty for preparing plans for decorating her home for the Maha Durga Pooja. Chintu comes home from school and looks lost and worried as Babli watches.

Babli: Can my husband help me in planning the Durga Pooja rather than sitting glued to the TV watching India lose to South Africa?

Bunty: Oops! Sorry honey. Kya Karu, I got a holiday after a long time? By the way, who told you that we are losing to SA, we are fighting okay.

Babli : I’m least interested in your cricket. Please help me with the Pooja prep work.

Bunty : Okay baba, let’s begin with your decoration plans.

Babli : Ya! Decoration is a good way to begin. You know what, we should use lots of colours, may be a small mandap could also be a good idea. Oh! Bunty, what are we doing sitting at home? We need to go to the market. Hurry up!

Bunty : Hello wifey! Just hold your horses and take a chill pill. I don’t know how you wives can simply turn any topic into a nice shopping avenue. It is an art I must say. Zara saans to lo baby.

(Just as this conversation ends, Chintu comes home morose and lost)

Bunty : Here we go, our little champ’s here. We can take a few suggestions from him. Hello champ! What’s up? Why’s Mr G.I Joe looking sad and lost?

Babli : Please don’t pull my Chintu’s leg Bunty. What happened beta? Everything’s alright at school?

Chintu : Mom, dad, I’m badly stuck, please help me.

(Bunty and Babli look worried now and ask Chintu what happened)

Chintu: Oh! Come on dad, there’s nothing to be so worried about. It is just that my class teacher has asked me to prepare a project demonstrating the utility value of recycling. It is part of the Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) project. Tell you what! I need to make a PowerPoint presentation as well. Its scary dad!

Bunty: Oh! Come on champ, it is just a simple project. Hold on! I have a brilliant idea. Your mom and I were just about sitting to plan the Maha Durga Pooja. Why don’t we use this Pooja as an ideal platform for you to demonstrate the use of recycling through your project?

Chintu: Wow! Sounds excellent dad, but how do we do it? Plan of action please?

Bunty: Look beta, many people spend a lot on decorating mandaps for placing Goddess Durga. Further, they spend on lighting. All I want you to show through your project is how the use of recycled decorative material can not only save you precious money but can help in maintaining eco balance. This should impress goddess Durga, what say?

Chintu: Excellent dad! Now I exactly know what you mean. Ma, let’s use all those paper glasses and plates you bought for my last birthday. I think we also have ice cream sticks, which will come in handy. We can also use the big mandap we bought for Ganesh Chaturthi, it was an awesome one. I’ve got some chart paper with me, some colourful ribbons, and lots of decorative material. So, I guess, we are good to go dad and mom, aren’t we?

Babli: Our son has become so intelligent Bunty. You just gave him an inch and he grabbed a mile. However, don’t you want to tell your class mates why it is important to do all this?

Chintu: Good question Ma, please help me Dad.

Bunty: Beta, if you recycle things in this manner, you will ensure that you will not buy more decorative stuff, which is light on my pocket while being light on the environment. Yes my son, the lesser you spend on decoration and recycle things you have at home, the more you ensure good ecological balance. This is a simple cycle champ. The lesser you buy things, the lesser people manufacture them, the lesser will be the chemicals and pollutants used for manufacturing them, and the lesser the impact of such products on our environment. So, Chintu, this Dussehra, you are going to show your classmates how ecological balance can be maintained while praying to goddess Durga with complete devotion.

Chintu: Thanks a ton Dad for all your help. If I execute this project well, I’m almost guaranteed to get an A+ in SUPW. So, what are we waiting for, let’s hit action stations, it Dussehra time.

(Chintu prepares a good project and helps mom and dad decorate the Pooja mandap and the house through striking a fine balance between using recycled stuff and new purchases.)

Chintuhas demonstrated some very important points for us to take note of:

1.We must always attempt to see how we can maximise our current resources on hand for performing pooja and not rush into buying new things without a proper plan.

2.This will help us go light on our pocket while making us vital contributors to the ecological balance process.

3.The money saved can be easily invested in various avenues, which would prove highly helpful, going forward.

4.Training our kids to play eco-friendly Holi and celebrating festivals while keeping an eye on our environment becomes the need-of-the-hour owing to the serious global warming crisis.

Happy Dussehra to all! May goddess Durga shower all her blessings on you this Dussehra! Do not forget giving her back something in the form of saving this wonderful world she created for us from the immediate threats of heavy pollution and global warming.

Happy Dussehra! Happy Investing!

Disclaimer: Investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing.