This is a theatrical series that comprises interactive edutainment sessions on the most pertinent topic in the contemporary world – ‘Investment’. ‘Investorpreneur’ is a term coined to represent a lucrative combination of an investor and an entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur attempts to maximise business prospects and profitability to the fullest. Likewise, every investor looks to compound his/her investments over a given period of time. However, a successful ‘investorpreneur’ combines the winning qualities of an entrepreneur and an investor in his/her quest for maximizing returns in the most optimum manner.

The series is divided into chapters and episodes. Each chapter would portray a theme, which will form the base for the episodes covering that chapter. These episodes would comprise interactive sessions between the main protagonist – the successful investorpreneur and other characters, which would feed of the knowledge of the main protagonist. Written in simple and conversational English with a sprinkle of Hindi wherever necessary, the Investorpreneur series aims to ‘edutain’ you – a highly demanding investor, on the increasing importance of financial planning and investment. The sessions will help you understand various vital concepts pertaining to investment.


Episode3: Dharam’sBabuji’s pearls of wisdom

Veer finally bought a 2BHK, beach facing apartment at Bandra in a state-of-the-art complex with all modern amenities such as a club house, fitness centre, car park, and swimming pool. He’s now a much happier man as he has greater control over his financial planning. Veer and Richa decided to celebrate this major investment victory by arranging a traditional Hindu house warming ceremony followed by Satyanarayana Vrata Pooja. The couple called their parents over and invited Dharam and Shruti along with family for a small gathering on the day of Pooja. Veer also invited his mentor and guide at the office, Ravi Malhotra, Director of Account Services, Lintas, along with some of his office colleagues for the house warming ceremony.

The episode commences on a Sunday morning.The official Gruha Pravesh ceremony had already finished and Panditji was just about to complete the Satyanarayana Vrata Pooja and was reading the last part of the Vrata Pooja Story. Family and friends assembled in the hall of Veer’s flat and are hearing the story attentively.

Panditji : Bolo Satyanarayana Maharaj Ki Jay! (all stand up and offer the Pooja paraphernalia and flowers to Lord Satyanarayana) Isi ke saath Pooja nirvigna sampanna hua.(Veer and Richa distribute the Pooja prasad to everyone as all get set for lunch)

Richa: Veer, please excuse me, I’ll have to check the lunch preparations. (Veer appointed a cook along with four serving assistants to prepare authentic Pooja dishes)

Shruti: Richa, can I also accompany you, you might need my help.

Richa: Sure Shruti. (They leave as Veer introduces Dharam, Shruti, and Ram uncle
Dharam’s Babuji) to his boss Ravi and other office colleagues after which they all assemble for lunch. After lunch Dharam’s Babuji starts a small conversation)

Babuji (Mr. Ram Prasad Sharma, Dharam’s father): Good Veer, I’m proud of you young man. You have today grown from a naughty young boy into a mature man, keep it up. Dharam told me that you’ve gone in for SIP. It is a good plan, just don’t stop it abruptly. Now that you guys are going to live here, what are your plans for your Juhu flat?

Veer: We have already rented it out to a family. They are well-to-do. The husband works for HDFC Securities and wife works at Indian Oil Company.

Babuji: So your parents will be staying with your brother in Hyderabad I guess. Very good decision boy. Is this the same Veer that I have known since childhood? You have pleasantly surprised me young man. Keep this investment planning going all life from here on. Well, have you gone in for a health insurance cover? I hope you have because I’m tired of explaining its benefits to Dharam. Although he has all his investment basics and financial planning in place, he somehow avoids having a health insurance cover.

Veer: Babuji, in this case, both Dharam and I sail in the same ship. Moreover, I have a comprehensive term insurance plan and so does Dharam. So, life insurance should suffice, right?

Babuji: Oh my god! Now I have to drive home the importance of health insurance cover to two fools.

Dharam: Dad, it is not fair to call us fools just because we don’t have a health insurance cover. We have other grounds covered pretty decently.

Babuji: Dharam and Veer, both answer some simple questions first and then you decide whether you are fools or wise men.

Dharam: Go ahead Babuji.

Babuji: When can you get back your sum assuredas peryour term life insurance plan?

Dharam: Either after completion of 30 years or death, whichever comes first

Babuji: So, you agree that your life insurance plan will help you 30 years later and not today, right now.

Dharam: Babuji, what are you trying to say?

Babuji: For a second I’m not trying to suggest that a life insurance cover is not good. In fact, I say that life insurance cover is extremely crucial from a long-term financial perspective, especially when we retire. All I’m trying to say is health insurance is equally important, if not more important than life insurance.

Veer: Babuji, can you please tell us the premise behind your making this statement.

Babuji: Sure Veer. Now, both of you listen to me very carefully. You know that stress, speed, severe competition, and high ambitions characterize today’s work life in the best possible manner. Improvements in life style have led to increase in life style diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, increasing chances of hospitalization. Moreover, increasing medical expenses cannot be ignored. I know that both of you have your resources in place to take care of medical contingencies. However, why should you use your own financial resources when insurers are ready to do the honours provided you satisfy a few terms and conditions? Don’t you think that you could invest money in other avenues to take advantage of compounding? Aren’t you interested in taking your wife on an exotic overseas vacation?Yes, just by paying a reasonable annual premium, your health insurance cover will provide you with immense mental relief in case of medical contingencies.

(Veer’s boss Ravi overhears this conversation and decides to interrupt)

Ravi: Excuse me Veer. Guys, can I say something here. I know it is not appropriate to interrupt a family discussion, but I couldn’t stop myself from being part of this wonderful conversation.

Veer: Sure sir, you are my mentor, guide, and a highly experienced professional. All of us would love to hear you.

Ravi: Thanks Veer. I want to say that I couldn’t agree more with what Dharam’s Babuji just said about health insurance. I would like to quote a few personal instances backing his point. Around three years ago, one fine day, I started feeling uneasy and my hands started shivering all of a sudden. I went to meet my family doctor who asked me to get hospitalised immediately. I was admitted to Arogya Nidhi hospital at Juhu. The doctors told me that I suffered a severe stress attack just after returning from a long tour of London. I was shocked and asked them, is that why you guys hospitalised me? They said yes and told me that if they didn’t, the attack, which already increased my blood pressure, could have triggered a heart stroke. At that point in time, I didn’t have any health insurance cover and ended up paying Rs.60,000 to Arogya Nidhi for room charges, tests, consulting fees, and other medical expenses. After recovery, when I re-joined office, I met a senior colleague who told me the same things that Dharam’s Babuji is telling you guys now. I was convinced and went in for a comprehensive health insurance cover immediately. Believe me, about 8-9 months later, I complained to my wife about severe stomach ache and we met a specialist. He performed certain tests and confirmed that I had bladder stones, some of which had penetrated into the pancreas creating pancreatitis (an infection of the pancreas). The only solution to avoid the infection from spreading elsewhere was bladder removal, since bladder stones, unlike kidney stones cannot be dissolved. I went in for the removal surgery, which cost me Rs. 250,000 including hospitalization, operation charges, and all related charges. Believe me, I didn’t pay a penny out of my pocket on this occasion. My health insurance company helped my wife and son in all the cashless formalities. After recovery, a thought crossed my mind ‘what if I didn’t have a health cover?’ I would have had to pay the entire sum from my savings and investments. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Guys, you are young, so please understand the importance of health insurance in your life. Why would you want to touch your personal savings and investments for hospitalisation and medical expenses? Remember that you set these funds aside for your retirement, children’s education, marriage, and other contingencies. Please let your health insurer do some work for god’s sake. What say?

Veer: Yaar Dharam, Ravi’s my guru and a guru can never be wrong. Babuji is absolutely right about health insurance. Babuji and Ravi have taught us a big lesson in investment mate. Good investment happens through humility and not through arrogance. We were being arrogant about our finances and ignorant as well about certain outcomes. Tell you what Babuji, you are absolutely right. We are fools not to realise the increasing significance of health insurance.

Dharam: Absolutely correct my friend. As always, my Babuji is a rock star. Thanks Babuji and Thanks Ravi for enlightening us about the various practical benefits of health insurance by demonstrating them at length. I will straight away go in for a health insurance cover, what about you Veer?

Veer: Naiki aur pooch pooch. Man, I too don’t need a second invitation

Dharam and Veer: Both of us have well-diversified investments in equity, debt, SIP, FDs, real estate, life insurance, and health insurance. Thus, we think one could safely call us successful investorpreneurs now. The big question is, are you the one? Don’t worry, just plan your finances effectively or else appoint a professional expert to guide you enroute to becoming a ‘successful investorpreneur’

This ends chapter 1 of the investorpreneur series. Babuji’s pearls of wisdom weaved their magic on Dharam andVeer, since they have now become successful investorpreneurs, have you? Please contact a professional expert and start now.


We now commence Chapter 2 – Pati, Patni, aur investment. Look out for the first episode of a series of three episodes pertaining to the investment woes of sometimes friendly and sometimes not-so-friendly married couple, Rahul and Simran.


All characters in this series are fictitious and bear no resemblance to real life, facts, or scenarios. Any similarity in real life with the characters of this series should be treated as a mere coincidence. Through this series, we intend to educate people about the growing significance of investment and financial planning through entertaining interactive sessions. We do not intend to hurt the sentiment of any particular person or religion either directly or indirectly. Moreover, we do not intend to discriminate between people based on their investment and financial strengths. We provide a wide range of advisory services pertaining to financial planning and investment. Therefore, the opinions and ideas cited in the series emanate from our prudent individual judgements, which we have developed through decades of market experience of serving thousands of successful ‘Investorpreneurs’. Thus, we are not responsible for any actions taken by the readers of this series based on the matter discussed in each of the episodes without consulting us officially. We request all the readers of this series to use their own discretion while assimilating the information provided in the series or contact us for further help

Disclaimer: Investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing.