But yaar, asset allocation, investment maximisation, SIP….My god! All this is going over the top….

Dharam : Don’t worry mate. If you find all that difficult, all you need to do is to contact a professional expert who will guide you all through based on your investment needs.

Veer : Hmmmm…..sounds interesting, will contact a good stock broking agency immediately…but what is this SIP mate?

Dharam : SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan offered by top mutual funds. If you enrol for SIP, you pay a monthly pre-decided sum, let’s say, Rs. 2000, on a pre-decided date on which it will be directly debited to your bank account. The MF through its highly experienced fund managers will optimally allocate your money among different asset classes and provide you with MF units. Moreover, the biggest advantage you will have through SIP is that you can invest in the stocks of plenty of companies for as low as Rs. 2000 owing to the diversified business model of the MF.

Veer : Wow! Man, I’m in for SIP straight away and will contact an expert now and ensure that I do not miss out on the effect of compounding. Thanks a ton Dharam for removing my inhibitions about the stock market. You’ve eased my nerves and shown me that stock market, if planned properly, is a good way to multiply you investment.

Dharam : What are friends for Veer? No tensions yaar, chill maar?

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