This is a theatrical series that comprises interactive edutainment sessions on the most pertinent topic in the contemporary world – ‘Investment’. ‘Investorpreneur’ is a term coined to represent a lucrative combination of an investor and an entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur attempts to maximise business prospects and profitability to the fullest. Likewise, every investor looks to compound his/her investments over a given period of time. However, a successful ‘investorpreneur’ combines the winning qualities of an entrepreneur and an investor in his/her quest for maximising returns in the most optimum manner.

The series is divided into chapters and episodes. Each chapter would portray a theme, which will form the base for the episodes covering that chapter. These episodes would comprise interactive sessions between the main protagonist – the successful investorpreneur and other characters, which would feed of the knowledge of the main protagonist. Written in simple and conversational English with a sprinkle of Hindi wherever necessary, the Investorpreneur series aims to ‘edutain’ you – a highly demanding investor, on the increasing importance of financial planning and investment. The sessions will help you understand various vital concepts pertaining to investment.


Episode 2: Band, Baaja, Rinki’s baraat, and gold diversification lessons

Rahul and Simran are back from their long overdue Swiss holiday. This has been an experience of a life time for Rahul. The episode commences with Rahul relaxing on the Sofa on a Sunday watching his favorite TV show ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’. Simran’s with the children in the garden. It has now been a week since they have come back from their holiday. Simran’s phone rings and she runs into the hall to give Rahul some good news.

Simran : Hey, Rahul, I’ve got some great news for you. Ma just called…..its marriage time…….my little sister Rinki is getting married.

Rahul : Wow! That’s great news. My only saali is getting married. There goes my adhi gharwali. When is the marriage? Where is the marriage? Who is she marrying?

Simran: Ha! Ha! Mr Question Mark! Hold on! Ma said to me that the boy is from Delhi, he works for Microsoft and you know what, I asked Ma, Bill Gates ko jaanta hai kya…..The marriage is obviously at Delhi this December on the 28th.

Rahul: Oh! It is just a fortnight away. Chat mangni pat byah!Simi, what are we doing here, we should be there helping Ma. Pack your bags aur chalo Dilli.

Simran: Are you sure honey? What about your office? Will that be fine?

Rahul: No worries! I’ll have a word with Mr Malhotra (Rahul’s boss), he should be fine. Moreover, I haven’t taken any holiday for the past year or so. I think I can manage that. If any important work pops up, laptop zindabad!

(All of them leave for Delhi and get busy in the marriage preparations. It’s the sangeet day and Ranbir (groom) goes down on one kneeand gifts his bride a brand new Versace gown, a Rolex Vintage 18k gold watch, a beautiful gold pendant, Jimmy Choo Pumps, and a rolled paper document tied in a ribbon and all clap)

Rinki: Oh! Ranbir, I don’t know what to say. Thanks.

Ranbir: Less talk, more action. You deserve it. I want you to wear everything I got and come out, let’s have a bash at our sangeet.

(Rinki goes inside with Simran as Rahul starts a conversation with Ranbir)

Rahul: That was great mate. By the way, I understood all those gifts, but what’s got me curious is that rolled piece of paper tied in a ribbon. I’ve never seen anything like that before gifted to someone. If you don’t mind, please throw some light on this gift, I’m all ears.

Ranbir: Oh! Come on Rahul, no formalities man. It is a paper document that confirms the units invested in a gold ETF scheme.

Rahul: Oh! I see! What is a gold ETF scheme? Could you please tell me something about it?

Ranbir: Sure. Gold ETFs are exchange-traded funds,which aim to track gold prices. Gold ETFs are simple units that represent physical gold. These units may be in paper form or demat form, depending on the investor’s choice.These are traded on prominent stock exchanges just like a single stock of any top listed company.

Rahul: Hmm! Sounds great! What about the gold? Who holds it?

Ranbir: That’s a brilliant question mate. The best thing about investing in gold ETFs is that you don’t possess the gold physically. Just in case you need the gold, redeem your units and the gold will be all yours. There’s zero maintenance on gold since you don’t have physical possession. Moreover, you can breathe easy on the safety of your gold.

Rahul: This is a very interesting and indirect method of investing in gold. Thanks for letting me know. However, don’t you think linking your gold to the stock market is risky?

Ranbir: There may be subtle risk to some extent but these ETFs have smart fund managers who know their fundamentals extremely well. Therefore, they know how to spread the risk. I simply look at gold ETFs as a smart option to diversify my gold portfolio. People generally tend to allocate at least 10% of their overall investment portfolio to gold. In that case, spreading your hard-earned money among various gold options such as gold ETFs effectively will be a good idea to improve you overall portfolio. If you find it difficult to arrive at an ideal allocation of your gold portfolio, contact a professional expert, they’ll guide you perfectly. I’d say Rahul, don’t miss out on benefits of diversifying your gold portfolio. Own gold in physical form, but also invest wisely in indirect forms such as ETFs. It is just my suggestion.Rest is your personal call.

Rahul: Thanks a ton mate for your valuable advice. As you know, I have two cute tiny princesses. I’m accumulating gold for their marriage and for our secure future as well. However, now that I know about gold ETFs, I will meet my financial planner the moment I go to Mumbai and get cracking at diversifying my gold portfolio.

Ranbir: Your most welcome my friend. In fact, let me tell you that many people today prefer gifting their children gold ETFs in addition to physical gold. It is soon gaining immense popularity as an investment option.

Rahul: Hmmm! There we go Ranbir, your gorgeous bride draped in her all-new Versace gown, donning designer gold jewellery, and holding that rolled piece of paper in her hand. Now, get ready for another round of questions from Rinki…….

(HA! HA! All smile)

Ranbir’s wise words helped Rahul understand the importance of gold diversification.

Did you guys plan your gold diversification strategy? If not, start planning Now!Contact a professional expert today to know more!

Disclaimer: Investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing.