STOPLOSS Order in share market, when and how to use it

Stop-loss (SL) can be defined as an advanced order to sell an asset when it reaches to a particular price point. It is used to limit loss or gain in a trade. It helps in risk management. A stop-loss order is an order placed with a broker… Continue Reading →

Good ways of expending Rs.10000 month-end savings

When it comes to money, no amount is small. Thus, if you save Rs.10000 by the end of a month, you just can’t imagine how much scope you have to grow this into a bigger future corpus. In this article,… Continue Reading →

Wake-up and Smell the Coffee, Don’t Invest in the Can!

Brands might be losing moats There is a school of thought which focuses on buying “moat companies” and holding them forever. This school of thought originates from an incomplete understanding of Warren Buffett’s value investing philosophy. Buffett has advocated buying… Continue Reading →

It’s raining IPOs this year, but do you have enough information before investing?

In the past 2-3 years, IPOs have become a buzz word for Indian investors. Top names such as HDFC Asset Management Company, NSE, ReNew Power, and Acme Solar are planning to hit the markets with their IPOs in 2018. An… Continue Reading →

Time for taxpayers to get ready to provide fair market value of unlisted shares and gains upfront

If you are someone who promote or invest in unicorns or new-age start-up businesses, you can no longer expect making a good margin post exit without paying due taxes. In its latest edition of the IT return forms, the IT… Continue Reading →

Savings Account vs. Liquid Funds

in this article, we will be comparing savings bank account with liquid funds. Our grandparents and earlier generations use to invest regularly in traditional savings instruments such as bank FDs, traditional life insurance plans, gold, and real estate. The investment… Continue Reading →

Do you make the following 5 mistakes as a young financial planner?

Financial planning is nothing but a very important routine of day-to-day life. Just like we wake up every morning, sip a cup of tea, have our breakfast, and prepare our mind for the day. The problem is that all of… Continue Reading →

Your investment will stay with you all your life

Be it buying a car or house, a gift for your child, investing in a retirement fund for your parents, or planning your investment, money is the most important element that drives our lives.   It is no surprise that… Continue Reading →

Stay Financially Secure: This Women’s Day Start Investing Wisely

The image of a modern woman has come a long way… from the image of a traditional homemaker to an all-rounder who manages family expectations along with a career. This women’s day, it is time for you to think and… Continue Reading →

Ways to invest in multibagger stocks

As an investor, the first major goal you would set for yourself is to invest in the best stocks that provide you great returns while multiplying your money. Stock brokers have coined a popular term ‘multibaggers’ for such stocks. Knowing… Continue Reading →

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