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Infosys: Scientific Investing Test Case

The whistleblower letters crashed the Infosys (Infy) stock by more than 16% on 21st Oct. We believe that the investors’ response was stricken with panic given the multiple corporate misgovernance episodes that have unfolded in the last couple of years where… Continue Reading →

Charlie Munger’s 3-stock Portfolio: Is it really what it pretends to be?

In a 2017 video, Charlie Munger famously claims that he owns just 3 investments, viz; Costco, Berkshire Hathaway and an investment in Li Lu’s investment partnership. He claims to have worked this out quite early in life and has apparently… Continue Reading →

2019 Investment Resolution: Cut the flab and make your portfolio SuperNormal

The most common new year resolution seems to be to “Exercise More, Eat Balanced, Lose weight,”. In our personal lives we are all very keen to lose the flab by exercising more, eating a well-balanced diet and end up losing… Continue Reading →

Arjun’s Focus & Occam’s Razor Could Lead to SuperNormal Portfolios

In the ancient Indian epic story, the Mahabharata, once Drona poses a challenge to his royal students. He hangs a wooden fish on a tree above a water body and asks his students to look at the reflection in the… Continue Reading →

Wake-up and Smell the Coffee, Don’t Invest in the Can!

Brands might be losing moats There is a school of thought which focuses on buying “moat companies” and holding them forever. This school of thought originates from an incomplete understanding of Warren Buffett’s value investing philosophy. Buffett has advocated buying… Continue Reading →

Credit rating illusion and the myth of safety in debt investing

The popular perception is that investment instruments in the form of debt or fixed income, such as, fixed deposits, bonds, debentures (NCDs), debt mutual funds etc. are safe. Whatever instrument has some form a coupon rate specified on its label… Continue Reading →

Difference Between Mutual Funds and Portfolio Management Services

One of the most common doubts that comes to every investor’s minds is whether there is a difference between portfolio management services (PMS) and mutual funds (MF). Let’s tackle this issue in this article. The market for PMS is at… Continue Reading →

This Diwali Generate A Return On Uncertainty

A very happy, healthy and prosperous Diwali to all of you! The year 2018 has turned out to be a tumultuous year so far for the stock market. And it promises more uncertainty ahead. The perception in India is that… Continue Reading →

When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going

The Sensex and Nifty are at all-time highs. However, most investors’ portfolios are not at all-time highs. Rather, a lot of investors are still feeling the pain of negative returns in their portfolios. Many might be puzzled as to why… Continue Reading →

Don’t panic when markets go down – Your portfolio might be fine

On Feb 2 2018, the Sensex and Nifty started going down. Sensex went down 800 points and then continued going down on Feb 5th on Monday and continued falling. After weeks and months of just going one way, i.e. up, investors… Continue Reading →

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