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Health insurance – the way forward

In today’s strenuous work scenario with ever increasing stress levels, your health could take a constant beating, which could be very heavy on your pocket. Moreover, human life is prone to uncertainties. It is impossible for you to know how and… Continue Reading →

6 things that are inherently present in smart Indian women investors

Her hand does not just rock the cradle anymore. She in continuing to make her presence felt in different arenas. Yes, we are taking about today’s Indian woman, who not only manages her home well, but also manages her savings… Continue Reading →

Key financial planning tips for travellers

Be it local or global, is there anyone in this world who doesn’t like to travelling and exploring different countries? Yet to find one! How many times have we all thought only if we had a little more money, you… Continue Reading →

Here’s how a salaried couple can achieve their dreams through investment

A dream home, foreign vacations, world-class education for children, and secure retired life, that’s all married couples always ask for strive towards. Here’s how a salaried couple can achieve their long and short-terms dreams through proper investment planning: Track where… Continue Reading →

5 taxation rules on National Pension System (NPS) you need to know

National Pension System or NPS is a defined contribution based pension scheme launched by the Government of India on January 2004, which aims to provide regular income during old age and generates market-linked returns over the long term. Two types… Continue Reading →


1.No Plan? Many investors take investment decisions without any long-term financial plan in mind. A long-term plan is based on life goals, assets, liabilities, income and expenses. Example: goal to accumulate Rs 15 crores by retirement (age 63), goal to accumulate… Continue Reading →

How to retire early

Retirement is one of the most important financial goals of everyone. We plan a certain corpus as our retirement fund and the moment we achieve that corpus, we tend to call it a day.However, what we tend to ignore is… Continue Reading →

3 key fundamentals of investing

Yes, what you heard from your grandparents during your childhood was absolutely right. It’s always the early bird that catches the worm, especially in the world of investing. Therefore, starting your investments early can have a huge impact on your… Continue Reading →

A working woman’s guide to investment

Today’s woman is the definition of modern society. Most women in India are highly career driven and constantly strive to be self-dependent. Over the years, investment is increasingly becoming a buzzword for Indian women. Be it a working mother, a… Continue Reading →

How to build your emergency funds

Life is highly unpredictable and will throw you unexpected and unpleasant surprises every now and then. This is when it’s good to have an emergency fund. This is a safety net that can help you cover unexpected or unforeseen expenses… Continue Reading →

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