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Is your money sleeping in your bank account? It’s time to wake it up?

Given growing inflation, increasing standard of living, and growing aspirations, here’s one question you must ask yourself – is your money snoozing in your bank account? Agreed, bank accounts have traditionally been one of the best options for parking your… Continue Reading →

Investing in mutual funds vs. direct equities

One of the top most questions that comes in each and every investor’s mind is among investing in mutual fund scheme or direct equity, what should he or she opt for? Let’s try to answer this question in this article…. Continue Reading →

4 key features of mutual fund children’s plans

It’s very important to know that like life insurance companies, some mutual funds also provide children’s plans. The main objective of mutual funds having these plans is to help the investors save for their children’s future needs such as higher… Continue Reading →

Brighten up this Diwali by investing in mutual funds

Diwali is a festival of lights that helps us transition from the shackles of darkness towards the prosperity and success. We consider Diwali a highly auspicious day for investing money, since that investment will invoke the blessings of Goddess Laxmi,… Continue Reading →

How to choose your SIP investment plan as per your goal

Every person has individual long-term and short-term goals for life. Short-term goals include buying your favourite car or going on your dream vacation. Long-term goals include buying your own home, taking life and health cover, planning children’s education/marriage, and planning… Continue Reading →

Tax Savings Funds & New Fund Offer (NFO)

NFOs are mutual funds that are into the business of managing your money. A fund manager of an asset management company keeps a constant eye on the equity markets, debt markets, real estate, currencies, gold, and commodities. The idea behind… Continue Reading →

Mutual Fund – A great investment opportunity

The two prominent questions that come in every investor’s mind are what is a mutual fund? What are the benefits of investing in a mutual fund? Your financial requirements are likely to grow over time. Although your income may grow… Continue Reading →

Here’s how you budget your money like a boss

Everyone would want to save for various types of financial goals. It could be travelling, saving for your wedding, saving for that home down payment, or for having financial independence at some point in your lives. That said, you might… Continue Reading →


1. Living beyond your means: You must make a closer analysis of all the things that you are spending your money on and whether you can do without them, e.g: spending on cable TV, cigarettes, entertainment, mobile phones, hotel bills,… Continue Reading →

SIP – your means to achieve your financial goals

Dreams play a huge role in our life in terms of motivating us and helping us reach our objectives. As they say ‘only if you dare to dream, will you work towards realising it’. As we begin our career and… Continue Reading →

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