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Comparison Between Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis The fundamental analysis treats a stock investment as a way of having ownership in a company’s business. This approach allows an investor to benefit from the enormous wealth, which is generated by owning a successful business over a… Continue Reading →


Fundamental analysis is the centerpiece of investing in the stock market. Fundamental analysis of a stock does not only help in determining the health of a company but also managing portfolio. It is a tool which is used to make… Continue Reading →


Equity investments historically have enjoyed a return significantly above other type’s investments while also proving easy liquidity, total visibility, and active regulation to ensure a level playing field for all but many people is looking for a quick and easy… Continue Reading →

Will India Pay a Heavy Cost for COVID-19 Lockdown

As we all know India is in the middle of a major lockdown of 21 days ordered by the PM Narendra Modi to curb the spreading of the dreadful COVID-19 virus. On one end this is a highly courageous and… Continue Reading →

Should the stock markets be closed?

There is lot of debate on whether the stock markets should be closed. The major arguments combine numerous issues. I have tried below to address some of them based on my knowledge of how markets operate and leveraging experience in… Continue Reading →

Power of attorney (POA) should not be banned

There have been certain media reports wherein there are discussions on banning of Limited Power of Authority Attorney (POA) given by customers to brokers for Depository accounts. The need for the same had arisen due to the following commercial exigencies:… Continue Reading →

Is saving different from investing and speculating

The first step to become a very successful investor is to understand the difference between saving, investing, and speculating. Although closely related, these are totally different concepts. Misinterpretation of these three concepts can put you at serious risk of losing… Continue Reading →

3 key expectations of the common man from the Union Budget 2020

Earlier, around september 2019, India’s Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitaraman had slashed the corporate tax rate. Thus, the common man’s expectation from the 2020 Budget has increased. The common man is now looking forward to changes that can help him or… Continue Reading →

Infosys: Scientific Investing Test Case

The whistleblower letters crashed the Infosys (Infy) stock by more than 16% on 21st Oct. We believe that the investors’ response was stricken with panic given the multiple corporate misgovernance episodes that have unfolded in the last couple of years where… Continue Reading →

Successful Investors Cooperate With Market

“For a lot of investors, Mr. Market is that illusive entity whom we are all distantly acquainted with but know very little about. So, who is Mr. Market, and what is his role in the investment world? Benjamin Graham invented… Continue Reading →

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