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Investment mistakes that you should not be making

Investment is a crucial part of your financial planning. However, wrong moves and mistakes can affect your long-term corpus that you are aiming to accumulate at the time of retirement. In this article, let’s examine four investment mistakes that you… Continue Reading →

How NRIs can invest in Indian mutual funds?

Over the past few years, especially since the Modi-led BJP government came to power, and given the rise in FDI inflows into India, NRI investment in India has become a hot topic. NRIs are beginning to consider India as a… Continue Reading →

6 easy ways to manage your mutual fund portfolio’s performance

The first thing you look for as an investor when it comes to investing in mutual funds is the performance. That said, call it ironic or reality, more often, the mistakes made by investors with regards to mutual fund investments… Continue Reading →

3 Major benefits of investing in NCDs

Non-convertible debentures (NCDs) are one of the best ways of diversifying your investment portfolio. They are becoming an increasingly popular investment instrument, especially given their secure nature. Following are 3 major benefits of investing in NCDs: Higher interest rates The… Continue Reading →

Best NRI investment options in India

In India, over the past few decades, NRI investment has been a topic that has been very hot in the past decade, especially given the rise in FDI inflows into India. Over the past decade or two, more NRIs are… Continue Reading →

3 things you need to know about your journey as a long-term investor

At ACMIIL, the first thing we tell our long-term investors is to carry on investing month after month in the markets, ignore market movements. This is for one simple reason – none of the movement is permanent, neither the ups… Continue Reading →

4 Easy ways to save more money

One of the most important things about us humans is that we tend to not do things if we find them difficult. This unfortunately holds true also in financial planning. Savings is a very difficult proposition, agreed! That said, it is… Continue Reading →

3 simple steps to financially secure the future of your newborn child this New Year

As a new parent this New Year, there’d be a million dreams in your heart and there’d be a lot of things that you’d be thinking of. However, one of the most important things that you’d be thinking of is… Continue Reading →

5 simple reasons to consider CFDs as your next investment asset class

Corporate fixed deposits (CFDs) are an investment asset class that is fast-gaining popularity in the past few quarters primarily owing to the returns it provides on investment coupled with other interesting propositions. With interest rates touching 8.25%, flexible deposit tenures,… Continue Reading →

4 reasons for the new generation to start investment right from their first salary

Positive demographic dividend, higher disposable incomes, and greater life aspirations are the best ways to describe today’s young India. Your first salary is that special moment that you will cherish for a lifetime. Many of us throw a party with… Continue Reading →

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