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What’s your financial plan for this financial year 2019/20?

It’s that time of year when you are done planning your taxes and filing your returns for 2018/19. That said, does your financial journey end here? The answer is no. Financial planning is an ongoing process and tax planning is… Continue Reading →

5 tips to assess the health of your wealth 

If you have a well-diversified portfolio comprising stocks, mutual fund SIPs, NCDs, IPO, CFD, bonds, ELSS, and other instruments, it becomes vital for you to assess the health of your wealth. In this article, let’s quickly look at 5 tips… Continue Reading →

Peaceful Investing

“There was never a good war or a bad peace.”  – Benjamin Franklin History is witness, that an excessive state of flux, war, or excitement does very little good, and in matters as important as money, what we actually need… Continue Reading →

Let the colours of joy unite you with your financial goals this Holi

Celebrated in each and every part of India by one and all, Holi is one of the most awaited and celebrated festivals. Also popularly known as the festival of love, it’s a festival that unites the entire nation making people… Continue Reading →

6 things that are inherently present in smart Indian women investors

Her hand does not just rock the cradle anymore. She in continuing to make her presence felt in different arenas. Yes, we are taking about today’s Indian woman, who not only manages her home well, but also manages her savings… Continue Reading →

5 ways you can make your money earn for itself

How you use your money makes a big difference in terms of the returns it fetches you in long run. Here are 5 ways you can make your money earn for itself: Financial planning is good for starters Financial planning… Continue Reading →

Investment mistakes that you should not be making

Investment is a crucial part of your financial planning. However, wrong moves and mistakes can affect your long-term corpus that you are aiming to accumulate at the time of retirement. In this article, let’s examine four investment mistakes that you… Continue Reading →

How NRIs can invest in Indian mutual funds?

Over the past few years, especially since the Modi-led BJP government came to power, and given the rise in FDI inflows into India, NRI investment in India has become a hot topic. NRIs are beginning to consider India as a… Continue Reading →

6 easy ways to manage your mutual fund portfolio’s performance

The first thing you look for as an investor when it comes to investing in mutual funds is the performance. That said, call it ironic or reality, more often, the mistakes made by investors with regards to mutual fund investments… Continue Reading →

3 Major benefits of investing in NCDs

Non-convertible debentures (NCDs) are one of the best ways of diversifying your investment portfolio. They are becoming an increasingly popular investment instrument, especially given their secure nature. Following are 3 major benefits of investing in NCDs: Higher interest rates The… Continue Reading →

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