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4 key phases in financial planning

Financial planning is a very crucial process in everyone’s lives. You are no exception. However, we somehow find ways to make what is an easier process, look very tough. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the 4 key phases in… Continue Reading →

5 mistakes in financial planning you must avoid as a young investor

Always remember that financial planning is very crucial part of your day-to-day life. In simple words, just as we wake up every day, sip our morning cup of tea, enjoy our breakfast, and prepare for another day of work, we… Continue Reading →

4 quick ways to plan for your expenses and investment if you’re just married

Congrats! You’ve now joined the married couple brigade. It’s time to celebrate. But, please note that marriage is a fundamental change for you and your wife. You are now responsible for planning the finances and investment for her and your… Continue Reading →

Best NRI investment options in India

In India, over the past few decades, NRI investment has been a topic that has been very hot in the past decade, especially given the rise in FDI inflows into India. Over the past decade or two, more NRIs are… Continue Reading →

Where should I invest my hard-earned money?

All of us work very hard to earn our money. However, do we really work hard in terms of deciding where to invest that to maximize our corpus? Most of us manage to create a pool of savings, which we… Continue Reading →

4 Easy ways to save more money

One of the most important things about us humans is that we tend to not do things if we find them difficult. This unfortunately holds true also in financial planning. Savings is a very difficult proposition, agreed! That said, it is… Continue Reading →


1.No Plan? Many investors take investment decisions without any long-term financial plan in mind. A long-term plan is based on life goals, assets, liabilities, income and expenses. Example: goal to accumulate Rs 15 crores by retirement (age 63), goal to accumulate… Continue Reading →

3 simple steps to financially secure the future of your newborn child this New Year

As a new parent this New Year, there’d be a million dreams in your heart and there’d be a lot of things that you’d be thinking of. However, one of the most important things that you’d be thinking of is… Continue Reading →

4 key features of mutual fund children’s plans

It’s very important to know that like life insurance companies, some mutual funds also provide children’s plans. The main objective of mutual funds having these plans is to help the investors save for their children’s future needs such as higher… Continue Reading →

3 key fundamentals of investing

Yes, what you heard from your grandparents during your childhood was absolutely right. It’s always the early bird that catches the worm, especially in the world of investing. Therefore, starting your investments early can have a huge impact on your… Continue Reading →

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