Today’s woman is the definition of modern society. Most women in India are highly career driven and constantly strive to be self-dependent. Over the years, investment is increasingly becoming a buzzword for Indian women. Be it a working mother, a young girl just graduated from college, a homemaker, or an elderly woman, investment has always been the central focus of Indian women.

Moreover, women constantly visit investor education websites and try to keep themselves updated on the latest trends in investment. They are always striving to be well-informed investors. Working women are well-aware of popular investment asset classes such as equity, bonds, SIP, NCD, OFS, IPO, and corporate fixed deposits. Along with these options, women must look at options such as life insurance policy, health insurance, and real estate investment.

Women brush shoulders with men in almost all walks of life. Women share the responsibility of children’s education and marriage along with their life partner. Moreover, they support their partner in running the family. Therefore, they are constantly in the lookout for investment avenues that multiply their savings and give them stronger returns.

They must adopt a well-diversified investment strategy. Risks and returns vary with every asset class. This clearly means that each asset class will have the tendency to behave differently over time. Therefore, a major chunk of women investors should consider balancing of asset classes as a potent tool that provides them with strong protection against any major losses that could occur due to things not going as per plan in either a particular investment class or its sub-class.

Is there a perfect investment strategy or allocation strategy? Before we answer this question, let us ask ourselves another question – is there anything called a perfect stock to invest in? There is no way one can derive winning investment formula with the ideal asset allocation strategy for each individual.

This gives rise to the need for a professional expert. They bring in valuable experience and understand your overall financial objectives first. Moreover, they comprehend your investment requirements and risk propensity. Based on this, they can guide you towards a near-perfect asset allocation strategy that factors in your risk appetite. Further, a professional expert can bring in more value through:

– Expert advisory services

– Call-2-invest service

– Key stock recommendations and insightful research reports

– User-friendly investment platform

– Easy investment experience

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Disclaimer: Investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing.