Her hand does not just rock the cradle anymore. She in continuing to make her presence felt in different arenas. Yes, we are taking about today’s Indian woman, who not only manages her home well, but also manages her savings and investment well. This Women’s Day, ACMIIL salutes the spirit of Indian women to excel in all walks of life.

Today, women are entrepreneurs, popular sports persons, senior managers, chair persons, and what not in top global companies across different industries. They are not confined to the four walls of their homes. In fact, they have broadened their horizons, racing away towards serious financial empowerment. However, one quality of Indian women that is not spoken about much is their smart investor brain. For some reason, this quality of women is taken for granted.

When Virat Kohli carves out a magnificent 100 or M. S. Dhoni wins a game by taking India to the finish line, we think so what? It’s something they do regularly, what’s so great? Just like these two champions make cricket look easy, women make managing savings and investment look a piece of cake. Home Ministers as they are popularly called, Indian women inherently possess a gifted investor brain, which not only helps them save money, but also invest it for a secure future for them and their loved ones. Women today work as fund managers in top mutual funds and handle big-ticket asset bases for numerous investors such as you and I. Therefore, the financial planners of your home also plan finances of numerous investors based on each individual’s investment objectives.

Let’s examine 6 things that are inherently present in smart Indian women investors:

1.She budgets and curtails expenses

Women have a natural knack for setting budgets for each expense head. Something that we all comfortably ignore is the fact that limiting expenses is the first and best way to save that bit more. Next, we keep cribbing about a lower salary base where we could have just planned our expenses better. Agreed! Higher salary base or higher income does help in saving more. That said, smart Indian women do not allow this to affect their current savings. They carry on with their savings mission while pursuing higher income. This ability of women to cut down on expenses comes in extremely handy in the long run when inflation starts hitting your savings plans.

2.She plans rather than leaving things to fate

Women are not just optimistic, but are highly realistic. When it comes to building corpus for their children’s future or even for their retirement while supporting their partner in this regard, they take a systematic approach to ensure they reach their goals. Women do not allow lethargy to affect their goals, where men could be found wanting in some cases.

3.She ensures debts are paid-off

How many times have you heard your wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, or sister bug you until you pay-off your existing debt such as credit cards and bank loans? Although we may not like their bugging, but this relentlessness is the special quality that makes Indian women great investors. Paying-off debts is extremely crucial for building your future corpus. With big chunks of debt, you can’t even imagine putting money together for your future home, retirement plans, and children’s education.

4.She saves for the rainy day and invests the money to allow it to grow

Saving a small chunk of household money is second skin to Indian women. Given the ease with which information on investor education is available these days over the Internet, Indian women are much more aware about investment methods to multiply their small household savings. Women are aware about opening Demat account and investment account with a broker. They know that expert brokers can help them multiply their money much faster rather than just leaving them idle in piggy banks or bank accounts. This gives them a better chance to save a good corpus for rainy days. The best part is that she trains her children to become better investors of tomorrow.

5.She keeps a constant watch on her money

Women don’t just invest their money and leave it to grow. Monitoring their investments to see if everything is working as per plan comes as second skin to them. That said, Indian women do not trust someone easily and once they trust someone, they do not look back. Thus, they will only review their money at logically relevant time intervals and will not go mad over it reviewing it every other day. They understand the fact that money doesn’t grow overnight and needs time, but needs careful monitoring. They will never allow lethargy to set in and spoil their investment plans. Women are inherently risk averse. That said, if they clearly understand the prospects of equity, they will not mind parking their money in equity.

6.She doesn’t take a backward step

When we say Indian women are smart investors, it not for nothing. Their ability to not stop their savings habit coupled with their never-ending willingness to learn about new methods of growing their money makes them really smart investors. Smart Indian women investors plan first, act next and not the other way round. Therefore, there is no way they can even imagine taking a backward step.

We at ACMIIL would like to dedicate this article to all the aspiring smart Indian women investors. We salute the spirit of Indian women to make a name for themselves in all walks of life. ACMIIL strive to stand in support for Indian women to help them make a self-dependent living for themselves.

Happy Women’s Day – Team ACMIIL

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