Corporate fixed deposits (CFDs) are an investment asset class that is fast-gaining popularity in the past few quarters primarily owing to the returns it provides on investment coupled with other interesting propositions. With interest rates touching 8.25%, flexible deposit tenures, high ‘AAA’ ratings signifying their degree of safety as an investment class, it is recommended that you consider adding CFDs to your existing portfolio. This will not only provide you with stronger and stable returns, but will also help you diversify your portfolio effectively.

Here are 5 simple reasons that would help you consider CFDs as your next investment asset class:

Annual interest rate of up to 8.25%

Investing in CFDs can help you earn up to 8.25% interest rate annually, which is a lot higher than the bank FDs. Moreover, senior citizens get the added benefit of 0.25% for their investment in CFD as returns.

Higher flexibility investment tenure

With CFDs, you can enjoy higher flexibility in terms of investment tenure and interest payment option. This makes it a more comfortable investment option.

CFD’s have credit ratings that make them a safe investment

Choosing ‘AAA’ rated CFDs as an investor will help you ensure a higher degree of safety of your investment.

CFDs can be used as collateral for loan

One of the best features of CFDs is that you can use them as an effective collateral to procure a personal loan.

Insulated from the stock market

With CFDs, you can enjoy insulation from stock market volatility, which is one of the major benefits of investing in them.

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Happy investing!!

Disclaimer: Investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing.