At ACMIIL, the first thing we tell our long-term investors is to carry on investing month after month in the markets, ignore market movements. This is for one simple reason – none of the movement is permanent, neither the ups nor the downs. In fact, the only thing that would be permanent is the long-term return that you would derive from your investment.

Obviously, doubts tend to creep into your mind during phases when markets are down. Typical concerns that investors raise include saying that they invested in the markets recently and are not benefiting since the markets are down. What do they do in that scenario? Do they continue with their investment or what steps do they take?

Here are three things you need to know about your journey as a long-term investor.

Be patient with your investments

During your investment journey, there will be periods where some of your monthly investments will be losing money. Moreover, for periods that are less than 3 years, there is a slim chance that all your investments could possibly be in the red. However, the biggest upshot is that over a longer period, the gains from your investment tend to outweigh the losses.

Always think long-term for good results from your investment

The conclusion is simple. You must invest in the equity markets only if you have planned an investment horizon of a minimum of 5 years. Ideally, a horizon of 7-10 years or an even longer period is preferable. One thing you must always remember is that you should not invest with an objective of making quick money. You must invest with the major objective of long-term wealth accumulation. In case you have doubts, come to professional experts.

Seek help from a professional expert to plan your long-term investments

Professional experts such as ACMIIL can not only guide you in terms of your long-term investments but can also map your investments with your long-term financial objectives. They will make your investments an integral part of your financial planning through proper risk profiling and planning of time horizon based on your investment goals.

It is obvious that equity mutual funds will be the best way forward for you in order to benefit from an equity investment strategy. ACMIIL will help you make all the right investment decisions.

Step 1: We will help you pick the best mutual funds plans for SIPs, NFOs

Step 2: We will monitor your investment regularly, helping you make them grow

Step 3: We help you manage your investments much more efficiently through an effective diversification strategy and better tax planning through tax-savings investment.

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Happy Investing!

Disclaimer: Investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing.