Month February 2020

4 crucial points you must consider while starting your ELSS tax savings SIP

Investing in mutual funds has gained immense popularity over the past decade or so. The SIP route for investment in MFs has made it comfortable and easy for us to explore this asset class. The additional benefit you get from… Continue Reading →

Power of attorney (POA) should not be banned

There have been certain media reports wherein there are discussions on banning of Limited Power of Authority Attorney (POA) given by customers to brokers for Depository accounts. The need for the same had arisen due to the following commercial exigencies:… Continue Reading →

Is saving different from investing and speculating

The first step to become a very successful investor is to understand the difference between saving, investing, and speculating. Although closely related, these are totally different concepts. Misinterpretation of these three concepts can put you at serious risk of losing… Continue Reading →

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