Month November 2018

Wake-up and Smell the Coffee, Don’t Invest in the Can!

Brands might be losing moats There is a school of thought which focuses on buying “moat companies” and holding them forever. This school of thought originates from an incomplete understanding of Warren Buffett’s value investing philosophy. Buffett has advocated buying… Continue Reading →

6 easy ways to manage your mutual fund portfolio’s performance

The first thing you look for as an investor when it comes to investing in mutual funds is the performance. That said, call it ironic or reality, more often, the mistakes made by investors with regards to mutual fund investments… Continue Reading →

Two years after demonetisation: A quick recap on where India stands today

It was on Nov 8, 2016 that PM Modi announced demonetisation and brought it into effect. Time flies past so quickly. It was around this time that year when PM Modi announced demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes. It’s been… Continue Reading →

Light at the end of the tunnel-Is a market upswing visible?

A month back it seemed like there was no end to the Indian market’s woes. The FPIs were pulling money out, crude oil prices were rising through the roof, the Rupee was falling without a bottom, inflation looked like it… Continue Reading →

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