Month February 2018

5 taxation rules on National Pension System (NPS) you need to know

National Pension System or NPS is a defined contribution based pension scheme launched by the Government of India on January 2004, which aims to provide regular income during old age and generates market-linked returns over the long term. Two types… Continue Reading →

Where should I invest my hard-earned money?

All of us work very hard to earn our money. However, do we really work hard in terms of deciding where to invest that to maximize our corpus? Most of us manage to create a pool of savings, which we… Continue Reading →

Don’t panic when markets go down – Your portfolio might be fine

On Feb 2 2018, the Sensex and Nifty started going down. Sensex went down 800 points and then continued going down on Feb 5th on Monday and continued falling. After weeks and months of just going one way, i.e. up, investors… Continue Reading →

4 Easy ways to save more money

One of the most important things about us humans is that we tend to not do things if we find them difficult. This unfortunately holds true also in financial planning. Savings is a very difficult proposition, agreed! That said, it is… Continue Reading →

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