Month January 2017

IPO – Journey of a small company to a big company in 5 years

Pan-India presence, diversified products, business expansion, stronger brand presence, and a promising growth trajectory, in pursuit of these dreams, Ankur started his own firm ‘Dream Big’ in 2009. Things were smooth, profits consistent, but was that going to make Ankur… Continue Reading →

The 4 F’s of financial planning you need to know this year

Financial planning is a very crucial process that will help you reach your future goals effectively. Thus, if you’re looking to save for retirement, your children’s education, marriage, own home, dream vacation, awesome car, or other contingencies, good financial planning… Continue Reading →

Tax Savings Funds & New Fund Offer (NFO)

NFOs are mutual funds that are into the business of managing your money. A fund manager of an asset management company keeps a constant eye on the equity markets, debt markets, real estate, currencies, gold, and commodities. The idea behind… Continue Reading →

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