One of the best ways to become a successful investor and a smart one at that is to pick up a good book written by an expert on investment and financial planning. We all need good investment guidance from time-to-time, regardless of how experienced we are in terms of investment. Guidance is all-the-more important when you are planning your first investment. When you learn the rules, trends, and key aspects of the stock markets from experts, it will make a big difference in terms of your overall investment strategy and results.

Following are 10 books every investor should read in 2019. These books are fully equipped with valuable information, knowledge, tricks-of-the-trade, investment tips, investment techniques, and key investment insights for all investors at different levels. This knowledge is shared by investment experts who have been there and done that, excelling in their investment strategies. Therefore, they are all a great read.

Here we go:

1. Benjamin Graham – The Intelligent Investor

The legendary investment expert Warren Buffet praised this masterpiece by Benjamin Graham as the best book on investing ever written. Graham is popularly known as the godfather of value investing. The best part about his book is that he wrote it way back in 1949 and it still remains as relevant as any book could ever be in the contemporary investment scenario. Graham’s philosophy of value investing is a strategy that focuses largely on making low-risk investment decisions with a mindset of long-term investment horizon. Many world leading investors have said that this book has shaped their thought process and investment strategies undoubtedly.

2. Jeremy Siegel – Stocks for the long run

Jeremey was a finance Professor and an investing enthusiast. Through his book he presents various convincing arguments on how long-term and low-risk investments hold the key for investors to achieve best investment results in the equity markets. Capturing a much broader view of the financial markets, the book shares ideas and thoughts on the best investment strategies. It also talks about the various tools and techniques that are available to the investors for benefiting through investment. This included determining winning strategies in case the equity markets are overvalued.

3. Peter Lynch – One Up on Wall Street: How to Use What You Already Know to Make Money in the Market

Peter’s book is more of a feel-good investment guide unlike some of the other books on investment. Peter Lynch, a renowned investor, in his book explains how lucrative investment opportunities are present everywhere. The book also talks about how an average investor can easily rival professionals if they can pay attention to various key investment opportunities.

4. Warren Buffett – The Essays of Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet does not require any introduction as an investment expert. This book is nothing but a good compilation of letters written by Buffet himself to Berkshire Hathaway. Interestingly, the book covers all the key topics that every successful investor should have an understanding of. This includes areas such as corporate governance, finance, mergers, accounting, and valuation. This book offers a unique glimpse into the thought processes that a successful investor like Buffet goes through. It allows you to gain valuable insights into various business strategies and other important investment philosophies articulated by Warren Buffet, arguably today’s most successful investor.

5. Peter Lynch – Beating the Street

Through this book, Peter expresses his views and insights on investing. He provides prospective investors with great advice on how they can make the key decision whether they want to buy and/or sell a stock. It provides explanations on how each individual should consider investing in diverse stocks based on their personality, risk profile, and investment objectives.

6. Peter Mallouk – The 5 Mistakes every Investor makes and how to avoid them

Unlike most investment guides, Peter’s book rather focuses on what investors should not be doing. The book provides prospective investors with insights on the most common mistakes made by all investors. The book also suggests various ways in which such mistakes can be avoided. The book teaches you the value of disciplined investment management.

7. John Bogle – the Little book of Common Sense Investing

John makes no attempt in his book to hide the dangers associated with stock market investments and how it can cause problems to an average investor. However, the book is not all about this. John shares his own innovative techniques and investment ideas that can highly benefit an average investor. The book shows how an average investor can have a much higher chance of booking profits through stock market investments.

8. Burton Malkiel – A Random Walk Down Wall Street

In his best-selling informative guide, Burton emphasises the significance of investing with conviction and confidence. The book highlights how well-informed investment decisions made with conviction can drive profits, especially during hard times. In his book, Burton further emphasises using a highly hands-off approach to managing stocks. He goes on to explain how over-analysis can be counter-productive for your investment portfolio.

9. Burton Malkiel & Charles Ellis – The Elements of Investing

In their best-selling read guide, authors Malkiel and Ellis list down the key skills and appropriate mindset that investors will require for making wise investment decisions. Sensible investment advice, tips on portfolio diversification, ways to avoid higher investment risk, and insights on investment strategies, you will find them all in this book.

10. Joel Greenblatt – The Little Book That Beats the Market

A simple and straight forward guide for valuable investment advice by an expert, Joel’s book details all the basic investment principles and methods that Joel believes will help in creating a good investment strategy for outperforming the market. The book talks about how investing in top-quality companies’ stocks at discounted prices can make a difference to your portfolio.

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